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Things to think about prior to Purchasing a Log Home


If wetness is not kept in check, then the wood of your home is going to get dry rot. Signs of dry rot include fungi growing on the logs, or bug such as carpenter ants, termites and beetles burrowing in the wood. Browse more on home builders northern virginia here www.foleyhomes.com.


Option: Check your home two times a year for wetness and make repair services as needed.

Log houses are usually built in the country or woods. The terrific outdoors by their very nature are extremely hard on a home.

Issue: Pests, like woodpeckers and mice are damaging the wood of the home.


Log homes developed near wooded locations are more prone to woodpecker damage when they root for carpenter bee larvae. Mice and other rodents are susceptible to chewing through the wood of the home to make an opening to obtain to the food and heat inside your home.


Solution: First, do not set the poor woodpeckers on fire.

Bear in mind, you utilized to like them before you became a log property owner. Keeping the dry rot at bay prevents the carpenter ants that the birds are fond of from burrowing in the logs.

Concern: Log Homes may be more difficult to sell.


Keep in mind that nostalgic feeling we discussed earlier. Not everybody gets that feeling when they view log houses. The originality of a log home does appeal to some people, but just about one out of ten individuals generally wish to buy that kind of home. You can be saddled with a home that is really hard to sell if you learn later that you want to leave.

Solution: A different marketing strategy is required when attempting to sell your log home.


The marketing pitch to sell log home needs to be tailored toward the specific niche of people that like that kind of home. Numerous prospective buyers can see the best villa or remote acreage they desire in your log home that is up for sale. A realtor can help you with this. A lot of house owners seem to believe if they put their special touch and terrific home decorating ideas into their home that your house will simply immediately sell. Unfortunately, that is not always the case, and the seller will have to focus on lots of typical styles and functions that are similar to others in the location. Keeping the very same variety of bedrooms and bathrooms as those in the surrounding area is always a great idea.


Issue: The cookie cutter approach of log home kit suppliers causes dry rot.

Lots of house owners that want to save money over the conventional log home decide to buy DIY flat-pack log cabin kits. The problem with that is that most of the manufacturers ravel the go to a lathe to make a consistent size, so that the logs fit together better. Although they fit better, it minimizes the wood's natural protection versus the elements, leading to trapped moisture and dry rot.


Option: Treat the wood every year with a chemical sealant.

You will have to secure machine peeled walls with a chemical sealant. The sealant fumes can trigger breathing issues. This is not an excellent option if any individual living in the house is prone to respiratory conditions.


Aside from never looking at a woodpecker the same way once more, many diligent individuals can apply these options to their log home and be able to have a very rewarding experience living there. All homes come with some maintenance, and the log home is no various.


Why You Ought to Design Build - Discover the Benefits to You

Word on the street has it that the only fellows who do not long to construct their own houses are those who currently have. “This project came in a method over my anticipated budget ... The latrine was built in the incorrect location, the kitchen is too small" such grievances are frequently aired out as quickly as a home is worked to completion or throughout the structure period.

Going the design build method is the finest method to go. Putting down the design of the project dealt with by the very same company helps to ensure the difficulties faced are lowered to a manageable level.


What is design building everything about? This is a technique involving task delivery wherein one company (the guiding aspect) provides their customer with both design and construction services. There major benefits to this approach of home structure include:


An Early Approximation of the Construction Costs

The company responsible for the project takes complete obligation of the design stage and more takes note of construction costs. Normally, the guiding company at the same time designs and approximates according to the prearranged spending plan.



The property owner looks to a company which he gives full obligation of adhering to the set spending plan, timing and scheduling, quality assurance, and efficiency of the whole job. The utmost outcomes are absolutely nothing less of: overall expense control well specified responsibility, and ASAP attention if need emerges. Who would not wish to see things running this smooth?


Conserves More Time and Money

The company's designers and service providers discuss the products and concepts that would work to your benefit in terms of budget. For the evident reason that design and building go side by side, the typical design and design duration might be considerably lowered lessening the total cost. With the two teams working hand in hand, the construction procedure may begin before the required design credentials are totally finished. Consider the motto "Time conserved equates to money saved".


Lowered Client Managerial Time and Effort

Throughout the phases of design and design, the property owner is not hired to invest their time or money in collaborating personnel and making any plans. All this is catered for by the company staff. The homeowner might just be called upon if the need for making important decisions develops.